Any order placed with the company CHEAP TRAVEL § SHUTTLE on www. cheaptravel .lu implies acceptance of the sales terms (below) which are part of the contract of carriage between CHEAP TRAVEL § SHUTTLE and its client.


Rates provided by our Express calculator are indicative and may vary depending on the time or the desired time. Transfer pricing is the direct movement without judgment from the point of care to the end point, the service ending immediately at the arrival point. The amount of luggage transported is proportional to the capacity of the vehicle. Prices shown include all taxes and include the vehicle, delivery driver, insurance for passengers, fuel. Tolls and parking not initially planned in the path to remain the customer.
The given price corresponds to a price per vehicle within the limits of availability Note that all pictures provided on our materials and website are for illustrative and not contractual.


Any service should be a reservation, with payment of the price of the Service or contemplated by the methods of payment available. The price of the Service is payable in Euros prior to the execution of the Service.
When booking Provision must be made no later than 24 hours before the start of the said provision.
It must be done by the Customer or by a duly authorized representative. When booking essential mentions the place of performance of the Services, the number of passengers and the name and contact details of the recipient of the service if it is different from those of the Client.


Any cancellation of reservation must be notified 24 hours before the start of the Benefit. A default and some causes whatsoever, it shall be the, as fixed and fixed penalty, not deductible equal to the amount originally foreseen when the booking.


The service is valid only once, and if it turns out that the client was not present at the place of rendezvous, the benefit would be lost forever and would give no right to reimbursement. If the customer does not find the driver, he should immediately call CHEAP TRAVEL § SHUTTLE to avoid being charged the full amount of the benefit.
Unexpectedly, beyond a deductible of one hour, will be charged on hourly basis mentioned in our rates for the vehicle category reserved. Any additional hour started will be due in full. Any damage to the interior of the vehicle to the customer. There is no smoking in the vehicle. Wearing seat belts in the rear is required. In any case, the customer can not require the driver exceeds the speed limit authorized or commit offenses in the Highway Code. The responsibility of our drivers being committed during the rental period of the vehicle, they are instructed to respect and enforce the laws.

CHEAP TRAVEL § SHUTTLE reserves the right to interrupt the current benefit if the driver realizes that the customer commits an offense, for example the use of drugs, alcohol, but if customer behavior jeopardized the safety of the driver or the leased vehicles, or if customers were insulting vis-à-vis the driver.


Unless otherwise agreed previously arrested by the Parties, the benefit starts at the date and time stated in the contract from the Vehicle parking place. It ends at the date and time to return the Vehicle to the place of departure.
The extent and cost of the benefit were freely determined between the company CHEAP TRAVEL § SHUTTLE and the Client prior to the execution of the Service.

Are particularly well included in the Services, without prejudice to the options set with the Client:

The vehicle as made available to the Customer,
The availability of a driver and at least speaking in French language,
Insurance of persons transported, Fuel, The kilometers and time determined during the booking and / or at the conclusion of the contract,
The transport of luggage Customer, within the ability of the vehicle.
Not included in the Service:

The entry into some places that are chosen by the Client and / or rendered necessary for the implementation of the Service.
entrance fees in public places or others chosen by the Client and / or rendered necessary for the implementation of the Service.
entrance fees in public places or other.

Any modification of the journey by the customer during the delivery and resulting program changes, can cause supplements payable on location or at the end of the service. In case of modification of the course or duration because of the originator, the driver the note on his mission order and make the sign of the charge. In case of modification of the duration or route due to the will of the prime contractor, the costs incurred will be borne by the latter.


Our benefit is payable on booking, except for customers who have an account in our institution.
We accept payment by cash, bank transfer and credit cards (Visa, Master Card, American Express ...).
In all cases, the customer, who signed the booking is responsible for the payment of the Benefit.
Any additional services will be billed on the basis of a price per kilometer and hour specified on the order form.
By express agreement, any pricing unit (hour, kilometer, etc.) started is due.


CHEAP TRAVEL § SHUTTLE SERVICE can in no way be held responsible for delays on the time of transport due to circumstances beyond his control: closed road, bridge closed to traffic, diversion, flooded road, traffic jams, interventions on Ground Forces police, customs or fire, etc ... (but not limited).
CHEAP TRAVEL § SHUTTLE can in no way be held responsible for delays due to force majeure: strikes, weather conditions, attacks, riots, etc ... (but not limited).
CHEAP TRAVEL § SHUTTLE can in no case be held responsible for delays directly from an initial delay of a client, or the need for a path to customer demand, in an obviously too short.
If immobilization during the transport vehicle due to mechanical failure, accident or damage (theft, damage), CHEAP TRAVEL § SHUTTLE will seek to ensure continuity of the course or with one of these vehicles, with vehicle chartered to another company and undertakes to inform the customer.
Luggage or other customer property object remain the responsibility of the passenger.
the driver is obliged to respect the different regulations on vehicle traffic and ensure, as part of the execution of the Services, to take the measures necessary to preserve the safety of vehicle occupants and good conservation of the latter. Thus, the Driver expressly reserves the right to refuse any instructions and / or requests that the customer would consider as being likely to endanger the vehicle occupant safety and / or proper preservation of it. The number of authorized passengers (including the driver) is that in the technical characteristics of the vehicle. There can never be exceeded. Damages of any kind caused to the vehicle and / or other vehicles (for example, when the accidental opening of the doors) will be charged to the Client unless it is shown to stem from the fact of a third party . Can be considered as Third occupants of the vehicle, the employees, suppliers and guests of the Client. Transport of animals is prohibited unless prior authorization duly mentioned on the contract.
In the event the Company is unable to provide the Vehicle specified in the contract, the deposit will be refunded, unless both parties agree on the provision of another vehicle.
The company reserves the right not to execute the delivery in case of occurrence of a force majeure, a fortuitous event, due to a third party or any event that may present a risk to the Customer its guests, servants, the driver or the vehicle. In this context, the total or partial failure of the delivery shall not give rise to any compensation by the Customer.
The Company is not bound by any obligation Baggage holding or any other objects, goods, clothing, effects, etc. left in the vehicle during and after the Service. Note that all pictures provided on our materials and website are for illustrative purposes and is not contractual.


Responsibility for CHEAP TRAVEL § SHUTTLE is limited to the terms of our insurance policy.
Our vehicles are insured for the transport of persons and for all our travelers injury with our insurer, insurance covering professional liability, in accordance with regulations, the prime contractor will have full power to take out additional insurance to dependents for cancellation fees, repatriation costs or coverage of baggage carried without this list being limiting.


The company CHEAP TRAVEL § SHUTTLE is committed to respecting the privacy of its customers.
Personal information and other data provided will not be used for any purpose other than improving the service provided and will not be passed to third parties.


The vehicle and driver will be provided with the necessary vehicle documents to the success of any transportation.
According to the law in force in all public places, it is forbidden to smoke in our vehicles.
In accordance with the Code of drinking establishments, it is forbidden to consume alcoholic beverages on board our vehicles.
Wearing seat belts is compulsory for all passengers in vehicles with this equipment.


Any claims will only be accepted within 8 days after the execution of the service. In case of dispute, shall have exclusive jurisdiction the Court of Commerce of Luxembourg.


Registration number: B200260

Registered office: 5, Rue Geespelt L-3378 Livange